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Professional Clubmakers’ Society motto’s is “Your golf swing didn’t come off an assembly line…neither should your equipment. Chimo Golf offer a wide variety of services- Golf Club Repairs, Golf Club Regripping, Golf Club Reshafting and Custom Fitting .

Ross Beebe (owner and operator) was fortunate and learned his craft by working with Ian McAra of Golfix for 4 years. Ian is a past Director of the Professional Clubmakers’ Society and is one of the most knowledgeable clubmakers in British Columbia. A true friend of the golfer. Ross has earned his certified class “A” clubmaker’s status with the Professional Clubmakers’ Society and also holds Accredited Clubmaker status with Golfsmith’s Golf Clubmakers’ Association.      Prior to becoming a clubmaker Ross spent 28 years in the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Armed Forces. He has spent 10 years at sea, 5 of those on a submarine, has served in Canada’s arctic at CFS Alert on 4 different occasions and has spent time in Geilenkirchen Germany with NATO forces. He retired from the CAF in 1996 from CFB Chilliwack. Ross and his wife Valerie and two dogs, Deuce and Brassey still reside and have opened a shop in Chilliwack British Columbia. When Ross retired, he was serving with the Military Engineers. The name CHIMO is a military engineer salutation, hence the name CHIMO – Custom Engineered Golf Clubs.


Lessons include:  Use of driver, long irons, short irons  Chipping techniques  Putting techniques  Swing Analysis  Body Mechanics  Lessons are designed to fit individual needs and requirements (have taught ages 4 - 74)

13 Good Reasons To Get Custom Golf Clubs Fitted and Made For You At CHIMO GOLF

  1. I, W. Ross Beebe, am a PCS Professional “Class A” Clubmaker, a GCA Advanced Professional Clubmaker and a member of the Association of Professional Clubmakers. I have passed stringent written and practical tests to achieve these, the highest clubmaking certifications available. I also continue to advance my education by attending golf club seminars, schools, and trade shows.  

2. I am an independent business thus I can pick and choose from a wide variety of club components to fit you properly. I do not offer one model fits all.  

3. I use only the highest quality brand name golf club components available. CHIMO GOLF will not do, clones, nor copy clubs.  

4. You will work with one person, the owner and clubmaker, fitting you and making your clubs, not just a salesperson nor a voice on the telephone.  

5. Properly fit clubs eliminate the need for you to make swing compensations to correct for improper fit clubs.  

6. Properly fit clubs allow you to concentrate on your swing by removing doubts you have about your equipment fitting your swing.  

7. Properly fit clubs will consistently lower your scores by improving your shot consistency, accuracy, distance, and feel, thus making golf more enjoyable  

8. Properly fit clubs can aid you in achieving needed shot characteristics such as higher ball flight from your longer clubs and lower ball flight from your shorter clubs.  

9. Custom fit clubs can eliminate yardage gaps between clubs.  

10. Properly fit clubs can aid with physical conditions such as a sore back as a result of poorly fit clubs.

11. Custom fit clubs allow for a set makeup (club selection) that specifically meets your needs such as more woods, more hybrids, less long irons, more wedges, etc.

12. Custom fit clubs allow for club specifications that meet specific playing conditions such as different sole bounce wedges for differing sand and/or rough conditions.  

13. CHIMO GOLF offers an unconditional warranty against defects in workmanship or materials. Under this warranty, club(s) will be repaired or replaced at no charge.


You want to play better golf, the key is the use of properly fitted golf equipment. Each individual is unique. Like fingerprints, no two golfers swing exactly the same. When you buy clubs off the rack you are buying a “one club fits all” set which was mass-produced on an assembly line. Sure you can play golf with the clubs and they look fine in your golf bag... but they are not built to fit your swing

What is a Professional Clubmaker? 

     In simple terms a “clubmaker” is one who assembles a grip, shaft and golf club head resulting in a finished golf club. However a Professional Clubmaker is a Golf Equipment Professional specializing in matching your unique swing characteristics with a proper selection of components and then meticulously assembling each and every club for you.

Why Should I buy Clubs from a Professional Clubmaker?

 The modern golf professional is stretched in many directions. They run the pro shop, oversee the F&B operations, maintenance of the course, staffing, membership development, they teach golf lessons, plan outings and tournaments etc. In terms of helping a golfer they are trained as “swing professionals”. On the other hand, a Professional Clubmaker concentrates on just one thing…GOLF EQUIPMENT. They constantly keep abreast of the latest technology in shafts, grips and heads. They are trained to match swing characteristics with the proper selection of the components to maximize the golfer’s potential. Ideally the “swing professional” and the “Golf Equipment Professional” should work together to help the golfer. The “swing professional” will develop the consistent swing and the ‘golf equipment professional” will develop a consistent set of golf clubs. Together they can maximize the efficiency of their golf equipment.  Chimo Golf use two types of fittings methods:  

STATIC - includes gathering information about your game. Such things as flex, grip, body build, physical handicaps, physical strength, distance you currently hit the ball among other factors. These facts will be correlated and a set of clubs will be custom built to those specifications.   

DYMANIC – this is by far the better method of fitting a golfer. This fitting may be done indoors or out. It involves hitting numerous golf balls and we will study hour swing patterns and ball flight prior to building your new set of clubs. Proper length, flex, grip size, swingweight will all be incorporated to determine what is best for your game.   

 Can I afford to have a Professional Clubmaker make my Clubs? 

  Absolutely, Professional Clubmakers are often independent craftsmen who unlike the major manufacturers have access to a greater selection of the highest quality heads, grips and shafts available on the market today. By working with a Professional Clubmaker, a golfer will benefit in many ways. You save by not having to pay large mark-ups created by expensive advertising campaigns inherent with major brand equipment. You will receive individual attention from a Professional Clubmaker who understands your individual needs and who will be there to service your equipment year after year. You may discover that a new set of clubs is not necessary. In many cases a Professional Clubmaker can improve your golf game by improving your current equipment. By installing the correct shaft or adjusting loft and lie angles, club length or installing new grips, a Professional Clubmaker can often improve your game without the cost of new equipment

Club Selection:

  First and foremost, select the clubs you need. One thing about buying from a Clubmaker is you get to select which clubs you wish to buy instead of a complete set. If you don’t use a 3 or 4 iron, don’t buy them. If you prefer a 3, 5, and 7 wood instead of 1, 3, and 5 say so. These are your clubs so you decide what you want.




Grips are the only part of the golf club designed to wear out. Grips are probably the most overlooked part of your golf equipment. A grip should be sized so that the golfer can hold the club lightly and comfortably. Also the size of the grip can affect how much the club head can be turned over at impact. At CHIMO GOLF we ensure you are properly fitted to the correct size and style of grip for your game. We have a wide selection of grips for you to choose from and will professionally install your grips to meet your specifications. 


The golf shaft is the transmission that drives a shot. CHIMO GOLF will replace shafts due to retrofitting or breakage. Although not the only choices, steel and graphite are the two most common shaft types. Typically steel shafts are heavier and tend to have the best consistency and control of shaft types. Graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts and are easier to swing for some players specifically ladies and senior golfers. CHIMO GOLF will locate the spine and choose the correct flex required to ensure consistency in your entire set. This is important in order for the transmission to run at peak efficiency. The wrong shaft can affect accuracy, distance, control and shot dispersion.


CHIMO GOLF offers a wide variety of club adjustments. We can change the loft, lie, length or adjust the swing weight of your clubs. We can find the spine of clubs. We will also analyze your clubs using  Flexmaster technology so that you know their exact specifications


Full Club Fitting Sessions

Fall and Spring Tuneups

Grip Installation

Shaft removal and Installation

Shaft Freqency and Flexmaster Charting

Shaft Lengthening/Shortening

Loft and Lie Adjustment and Charting

Re-weighting or Swing Weighting


 Technology used by Chimo Golf  while building a custom set of Clubs: 


it enables a club maker to build perfectly matched sets of clubs or a single club to exact specifications in shaft flex. It also allows the testing of OEM clubs. 

 Spine Aligning

a spine finder is used to locate the flex plane of the shaft or the line of plane on which the shaft will bend and recover in a straight line. Even the highest quality shafts made today have imbalances or spines, which represent the strongest side of the shaft. How these spines are aligned in a set of clubs determines how each club performs in relation to the others.         


which measures the load on the shaft. This is supposed to combine clubhead speed and acceleration to give the proper shaft stiffness for swings

Distance Caddy

Data is correlated to help us determine what flex is best for you. Shot Distance, Club Head Speed at Impact, Ball velocity and Swing Efficiency are all measured on this device.

Ernst ST 14

Data is correlated to help us determine what flex is best for you. Shot Distance, Club Head Speed at Impact, Ball velocity and Swing Efficiency are all measured on this device.



Submariners Assn Canada

The submariner's association of Canada is a national non profit organization for qualified submariners both serving and retired.  We exist to provide an opportunity for submariners of all nations to meet in fellowship, friendship and goodwill.

Canadian Submarine Badge

Served onboard - HMCS Ojibwa - HMCS Okanagan and HMCS Onondaga

Canadian Military Engineer Flag

I retired while serving with the Canadian Military Engineers.  I named this Company: 


The CME greeting or toast is “chimo” ( CHEE-moh). This expression is also often used as a closing on correspondence between engineers. The word chimo is derived from the Inuktitut greeting: saimo (saimu) that means “hello,” “goodbye,” “peace be with you,” and similar sentiments.  The current spelling and pronunciation is based on a Caucasian adaptation of the native language. On April 1, 1946, the Canadian Army assumed responsibility for the portions of the Alaska Highway that lay with Canadian boundaries. This section of the Highway was renamed the “Northwest Highway System” and the responsibility for maintenance was given to the Royal Canadian Engineers for the next twenty years. The soldiers of the CME/RCE adopted the greeting of "Chimo" and in 1973 it became the cheer of the CME.[6]

Association of Golf Clubfittng Professionals

The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

 is a professional peer group organization for club fitters and club builders whose purpose is two-fold:  1)  To further the education of professional golf club fitters and club makers in the science and art of custom club fitting and custom club making, and 2) To promote the benefits of custom golf club fitting and custom golf clubs to the general public.

Professional Clubmakers' Society

 NOW DEFUNCT The Professional CLUBMAKERS' Society

Is a non-profit, international, independent association headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. As an independent association, the PCS offers a unique and unbiased structure from which its members may learn about the latest in technology.

Intenational Clubmakers Guild

Founded February 2009, the International Clubmakers Guild® (ICG) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization designed to service golf clubmakers, club fitters, club repairmen, PGA Professionals, swing teachers, suppliers, equipment designers, engineers and scientists from every aspect of the golf industry.

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